The 5 Main Benefits of Custom Printed Paper Cups

The 5 Main Benefits of Custom Printed Paper Cups

Custom printed paper cups make an excellent choice for food establishments looking to promote their brand in a manner that is both creative and sustainable. This is especially true if your food establishment offers healthy options as this type of restaurant or cafe is often able to obtain a 50% or more discount when compared to the standard printed cup price. This savings alone can amount to hundreds of dollars per month!

Paper products are one of the biggest wastes generated by U.S. households. Many of these paper products are recyclable, but only a small percentage of all households actually participate in paper recycling. This is largely because most people are not aware of the many benefits of recycling paper and other paper products. To help spread the word, we’ve put together this collection of 10 fascinating facts about paper and paper products you probably didn’t know.: (1) Recycling ONE newspaper saves enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 24 hours, and (2) Only 10% of all paper is recovered for recycling.

Here, you will learn about custom printed paper cups, why they are the perfect solution for any sustainable promotion campaign, and how to put the power of custom printed paper cups to work for your business.

Your Food Establishment Gets A Sustainable Thumbs Up

Custom printed paper cups have several benefits for food establishments. First, they provide an easy way to gather detailed feedback from customers. This allows you to identify what your customers like and dislike about your menu, service, atmosphere, etc. In addition, the use of custom printed cups helps to create a positive impression on patrons and increases their desire to return often. Thirdly, the use of custom printed cups is a cost-effective way to promote your establishment. By using these paper products, you can offer lower prices to your customers than would be possible if you were using ordinary printed cups.

This translates into extra profits for your business. And, it has the added advantage of creating a more positive brand impression. Paper cups also have the ability to help your food establishment gain a competitive edge. This is because many consumers are shifting toward eating foods that are organic, natural, and/or healthy. To meet these demands, many restaurants and cafes are offering “green” menu choices. However, many of these customers still want to enjoy their favorite foods and beverages as much as before. This means they are willing to pay a higher price for these items. In fact, some studies show Americans will pay as much as 100% more for “green” products!

If you use ordinary printed cups, you will have to pay extra to have your cup graphics printed on the cup itself. This means you will have to pay for the cost of the paper cup as well as the printing. But, by using custom printed cups, you only pay for the printing. This translates into significant savings for your business. Paper cups also have the ability to make your foodservice more convenient for your customers. There are many other benefits of using custom printed paper cups. But, these are the main ones.

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