How much do you know about Animating with SVG?

How much do you know about Animating with SVG?

Are you new to the world of animation? Have you just heard of SVG and have no idea what is this? Then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we are going to discuss, how to animate with SVG. This is a beginner’s article. After reading this article, you will feel comfortable to start animating with SVG. Click here for animation online.

So, what is SVG?

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics, and it was recommended for use since being vectors they are not pixelated like a normal image, currently all browsers recognize this format.In short, it is an xml that draws vectors in 2D and can have animation.

Animation with SVG

To understand a little more, let’s remember that svg is a different file, and this implies that it has other syntax as well as rules, luckily, svg accepts css3 and you can manipulate any area of ​​the vector.

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So, to make an animation with svg we will only need:

  • svg image
  • CSS
  • Imagination

Create your own SVG

To create your svg we just need to open our <svg></svg> tag and start making our masterpieces !!, but since we are not very good or experienced, we can download some free program to create. You will find many SVG animation creating tool online which are very easy to use. Visit this site for animation online.

Classes and styles

When identifying each element that we want to use, we will realize that they have the style tag, luckily, it also accepts the class tag, so we can create our classes in a css.

But STOP! we cannot use separate css, all the css must be entered into the svg code.

So, we hope you have got a hint how to use SVG. So, let’s start animating.

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